cute hyomin with her stuffed tiger

soohyun only wants jinhwan oppa

was that necessary

zeraiya: I'm not sure if you do gif requests, but if you do I would be so grateful if you would gif Kaeun from this fancam (youtube(.)com/watch?v=E9FWHPhJjfY). The interaction with the fansite is just so precious TT TT sorry to bother you!

yesssssssss i’ll gif my kaeun baby right away ;image you don’t bother me at all! <33 

Red Velvet - Be Natural [The Second Single] Teaser Images 2/3

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Red Velvet will be releasing their second digital single “Be Natural” at noon on October 13th, 2014!

hani ran away because of a bee and then became cutely embarrassed ><